Striped sunflower seeds Badjer

Used for bird feed and oil produce.

The conventional sunflower hybrids Badjer DMR are the benchmark for stability, excellent tolerance to the already common drought in different periods of culture vegetation and the already unavoidable heat stress. Each of them has its

place on the field and has its advantages. They are characterized by a very high yield potential and exceptional stability.

 - extremely durable to drought hybrid, with high ecological plasticity,

 - a stable yield,

 - one of the best performing hybrids in Europe in 2009,

 - under the recommended stocking density the yield has a very high level; the hybrid type is fixed, making it suitable for rainfed farming with limited moisture of the soil,

 - suitable for rainfed agriculture,

 - a new hybrid with high potential and good results,

 - in recent years it became preferred because of its high yield level and its stability. It grows very well with extensive cultivation of maize.

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